Thanks to all who helped between February 2016 and spring 2018 - it was very much appreciated and made it possible to clear a huge backlog.

In May 2016 we received a generous donation from the local Carrick Round Table (also see the link to their page on our link list). They helped us with funding for

  • further litter pickers (including some shorter one suitable for children or those who aren't tall enough to make it into the national basketball team),

  • gloves, 

  • two street signs to ask motorists to slow down when we go along the roads leading out from the town

We (Kerstin & Julian) are currently (as of August 2018) looking after some additional litter pickers these days, just because nobody else has expressed an interest. If anyone wants to take them on, you're very welcome. Send me a message. We have some litter pickers that we've taken over from inactive members. All other remaining items were purchased privately by us - there has been stuff like t-shirts, business cards, a banner - hoping to promote activities (amounting to a cost of a few hundred pounds), so I don't want to hear any stories on the local grapevine that we're going to run away with stuff that should made available for everyone.

Maybole Community Clean Up has always been a bunch (or handful) of amateurs, not a constituted group.

There's no committee to contact, but if you have questions, please get in touch.

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