Here's a selection of links to organisations that are involved in litter picking or that have helped us along the way. Click on the logos to go directly to their websites and find out more.

If you have a litter picking initiative near you that would like to be included on this page,

please send us the link. For a starter, here's an excel list of groups and individuals in Scotland

that have come up on a facebook and google search. Please get in touch if you have updates

and/or additions. (last updated 12 April 2018)

Highlights in the current version are

  • an initiative led by Siobhan Brown, SNP Councillor in Ayr. She has now organised several picking events in Ayr on Saturday mornings. On one occasion in 2018 25 volunteers turned up - impressive!

  • "Plogging Scotland" - picking litter while walking... hang on, isn't that what we're doing in Maybole? :-)

One group close to us is the 'Houston Litter Crew' in Renfrewshire who also started their activities in 2016. We were trying to keep up a friendly bag count competition. They collected more bags in 2017 than we did, but never mind, we kept chasing them. You can follow their activities on facebook ( )

ALVN - a word from Kerstin Mason (author of this website) - update 09/2018:

Since some of you have asked about ALVN, here are my comments. In April 2017 the status of ALVN became a bit unclear to put it politely. Administration had been handed over from a temporary admin to another organisation at the end of February 2017. 

update 07/2017: still no communication from ALVN to their volunteers, maybe this will change once we're through the summer holiday period.

update 12/2017: according to a facebook post from the former admin of ALVN, their website is going to close on 15/12/2017.

update 07/02/2018: there's some confusion what organisation is looking after the ALVN website and what their plans are. They have apparently renewed the website contract (quite likely at the cost of several hundred down the drain?). The ALVN facebook page is still in the hands of former members/admins of ALVN. I have now removed the link to the ALVN website as their treatment of volunteers (no communication since they took over) has been just beyond belief.

update 10/09/2018: curtain call, ALVN website has been shut down now. What a waste of time, money and effort...but maybe that's where funding and constituted groups tend to go? - Get bin bags and sort it out yourselves, it's less trouble. Surprise bit of info: you can pick litter without hi-viz vests or displaying a logo, who would have thought so?

You can contact Paul Dougall at South Ayrshire Council for help with litter picking equipment and/or organising a group event. Contact us at if you can't find the council contact details on the internet and need help.

SOME COMMENTS FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (comments may no longer visible on facebook where original posts were deleted)

“Well done to everyone involved. Just goes to show what a few good men (and women) can achieve. I know a few people are cynical about our efforts and say that it's up to the council, these pictures just show what can be achieved and if everyone just pitched in there is no limit to what can be achieved”

comment on facebook, 27/04/2016

“Well done folks,the fact that the council have cut the long grass in these areas will hopefully discourage litter louts from throwing their crap in there.”
comment on facebook, 27/04/2016
“Would just like to say ive been following your great work on cleaning up my home town of maybole what a fantastic team you are I was born in maybole but still call home as have lived in Australia since the age of 13 still see my family their”
comment on facebook (from Australia!!!), 27/04/2016
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