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NEXT WALK - over to you!

We had good picking rounds with you, but at the moment it looks like not enough people are able to commit to a specific date. It may be a seasonal thing - garden, jobs, holidays, grand-parenting duties etc. getting in the way. So for now I am not scheduling any further walks or events (don't feel like flogging a dead horse!).


On 13 March 2018 we went to Dailly to clean up part of the local woods. This area is popular with tourists who stay at the local bungalow park. A second round will be scheduled for later this spring.

MAYBOLE 500 EXHIBITION PICK on 23 August 2017

We got several bags off the new walking route. Unfortunately some of the regulars couldn't make it, so we only managed part of the route.

ANNIVERSARY PICK took place on 12 February 2017 at 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

We filled 11 bags in 2 sessions. Cold weather and a biting wind couldn't stop us and Jenny, a new picker, stuck with it right until the end.


Our two spontaneous walks after Christmas were a great success! On 27 December 2016 we picked 15 bags worth of litter in two sessions and on 29 December we had five (!) keen pickers removing another 10 bags from the area near the golf course and the pool.

Do you want to see what we've done since February 2016?

Unfortunately a collection of pictures from the first couple of months had to be removed at the request of a former member who decided to leave the group. A new "past events" page for pictures was set up on 7 June 2016. - You can follow our activities there even if you do not have a Facebook account.

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